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Remember those moments in your life where art inspired you, touched your emotions and produced in you a feeling of passion or power? It may have even brought out your own talent. If so, you know that art takes time. It is made up of an instant of inspiration, a second of emotion, a flash of passion, minute of power, hours of hard work, and a lifetime of talent – talent that needs nurturing and hard work that needs supporting.

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Our Mandate

In 1978, a group of Bancroft and area residents realized arts events were too infrequent and too irregular to satisfy their cultural appetites. The Algonquin Arts Council was formed that October.

Records of the early years show an Adult Concert Series, Children and school programs, art exhibits and newsletter.

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  • Our Promise
  • Our Community
  • We Recognize
  • How it's Done
  • Working Together


Our Promise

The AAC strives to contribute to the cultural life of the community by recognizing and supporting the local artists and cultural groups working within it.



Our Community

The arts contribute to the quality of life and the social and economic vitality of a community. North Hastings has a strong artistic community with much to offer those who are stimulated, inspired and entertained by the arts.



We Recognize

The AAC is proud to be part of a community that recognizes the arts as integral to its social and economic health.



How it’s Done

A representative from each of the Contributing Member Arts Groups has a seat at the table of the AAC Board of Directors, providing a forum to exchange ideas and inspiration, while facilitating communication between artists and the wider community.



Working Together

The AAC makes it possible for the Contributing Member Arts Groups to work together in a supportive atmosphere in order to share skills and resources that foster the arts locally.